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Public School.

Public school is a nightmare. The kids in public school are NOT there for the education they are there for friends, drama, trouble and more. When you are there they throw cuss word for cuss word around like it is nothing. Kids make fun of others for mental issues; it’s just wrong. If you ever asked them if they did they would lie and say they didn’t. Public school kids lie like there is no tomorrow. Most kids are immature no matter how old they get. In school you can find the really nice kids. They’re some of the nicest and the meanest people you will ever meet in public school. If you miss a day of school people are all over wanting to know your business. You can’t miss a day without somebody knowing. If you miss a lot of school they think you are skipping. I would know because I was one of those kids who got sick and was out for a while and nobody believed I was really sick. They would be like “You are skipping I just know it.” It’s unfair for the kids who are really sick to get punished with words like “liar” and “faker”.

Yeah I do have a sickness just most don’t believe it. When I go back to public school next year it is going to be a living nightmare. The drama of public school is atrocious. The name calling is stupid and immature but they still do it. Every year the words get worse. I don’t see  how people can live there lives going to school a being flat out mean. I think I am crossing the line here and saying all the things people are afraid to say. I could care less about what I am saying about how people treat others because this needs to be said. When some people walk through the halls they act like the own the whole place. Throwing names from one kid to another. I will not name any names because then I would be rude. There is just certain people who don’t know  manners. And I know that some of you could name, names if you’re in my grade.

People say they are Christians but what they do isn’t showing the Christian side of them. I’m not saying they should be perfect but really nobody is. They just don’t need to put others down. Most act that way because they were abused as a child or they’ve grown up in a bad environment or even hung out with the wrong people who act that way. I just don’t see why people call themselves Christians if they don’t show it in front of people. I know in school you can’t really express it but you can silently. Like not putting people down. Not bullying. Stuff like that. How the kids treat the teachers is horrible. Most teachers won’t put up with it and some don’t know that the kids think that way. I know because I’ve gone to public school since I was in kindergarten. The kids don’t treat them with the right manners. Throwing stuff at them behind their back, flipping them off, calling them nasty words, treating them with disrespect and many more. I bet if some of their parents knew they would be in so much trouble only in a rare occasion would a parent not care. In all of this public school is not a place for people to freely lie, bully, cheat, and be rude.


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What is love?

What is love? Is it the feeling you feel when you’re with him/her? Is it the butterflies that surround your stomach when he/she on your mind? Is it the aching feeling you get when you’re far away from them? I don’t know. I’ve never been in love. I’m still waiting for the right person and the right time that God says is right. I am patient  with God; even when I don’t want to be. For those of you that are teens or not even teens yet I can promise you that you are NOT in love. You are too young to know what love is. I know what your thinking; Erin, you’ve never been in love how would you know that I’m not in love. I know you are not in love because you’re too young; not fully experienced life.

If you think you’re in love good for you; but it’s not true. You will realize that when you are older. I will find love when God wants me to and when he sends the right man into my life.  I don’t know when that will be but I’m fine with my life. I don’t need a guy to make my life worth living. If you think you need a guy to make you happy you must not be living life right. A guy can not complete you; only God can. You may think I’m wrong; but I’m not. If you do not believe in God; it’s your loss. I can tell you for sure you’ll never really understand life without the Holy Spirit living in you. You will never see things the way others do without the Holy Spirit breathing in and out of you.

What is love? Is it wanting to be beside them every waking moment? Is it saying I love you even though you don’t mean it? Is love about fighting with the one you “love”? I’ve never been in love but I know that’s not what love is.

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Don’t even get me started.

Don’t even get me started on the whole Miley Cyrus stuff. I mean she is not my favorite person in the whole world. And I’m not a fan of the Hannah Montana stuff but I do think she has a really good talent for acting. In the Last Song she did an amazing job but nobody will give her the time of day because of her past. They just can’t look passed her history which really makes me mad. I know I said that the Last Song would not be a classic because Miley was going to be in it. But as I started watching trailers and reading the book I really got into it. When I saw the movie I had very low expectations but after I saw it I really liked it. She did an amazing job. People don’t believe she had it in her but boy did she. People need to step away from her Hannah Montana acting and see the Last Song because it is worth it. You may think she is a so-called “Slut” but at least I’m giving her a chance even though I don’t like her that much. People better get used to seeing her face and her acting skills in movies because when the last season of Hannah Montana ends in the summer she is going to put her music on hold and work on her acting and get rolls in movies.  It just ticks me off to see people say crap about her when she isn’t that bad. Yeah she did have those times where she messed up and made mistakes but who hasn’t? We are all sinners in our own ways but that doesn’t mean that we have another side to us or can change. I just think if you give somebody a chance they can really impress you and Miley Cyrus is one of those people. We all have our own opinions but in this case you have to see the movie to believe it. It can’t hurt to see it. You may hate her but the movie really shows another side of her.


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What I am scared of.

One. Barney. Just the whole idea of a talking purple dinosaur creeps me out. Is Barney a boy? or a girl? It’s just creepy to watch a purple talking dinosaur play with kids and sing songs. Wouldn’t that scare them? I think so. Even though purple is one of my favorite colors the friggin talking dinosaur is creepy!  No need to go on it’s just weird…

Two. Cornfields. Ever since I read and saw The Lovely Bones I hate to be around cornfields. It doesn’t matter if they are grown out or cut down; they are just plain creepy. Every time I am around them now it just gives me chills. Don’t get me wrong the book and the movie are both great but just the whole story in my mind creeps me out when I’m around cornfields. Just the whole image of Mr. Harvey and the underground “clubhouse” is just disturbing.

Three. Robbers or Kidnappers. I don’t know who isn’t afraid of robbers or kidnappers. I just get freaked out even if I hear something about somebody being kidnapped or robbed; even in movies. I guess I am weird like that. But once I hear something like that I am not fine until day light.  But when I freak out about robbers I remind myself one; I live in a small town with not a lot of crime and two; they don’t rob a place that somebody is in. With thinking about kidnappers I think about it this way. They won’t take you when you are with people and usually not in day time.

Four. Van’s like the ones from Home Alone. Every time I see those van’s I freak out because I think there is robbers in there. It’s just a childhood fear. Even though now I still hate them it is from watching those movies all the time when I was younger. The ones with writing on them don’t bother me but if they are just plain colors I hate it.

Five. spiders. I do not like spiders. Just the whole feeling of something crawling up my leg or any part of my body creeps me out. I don’t like the way spiders look. I don’t like how big they get. I don’t like that if they are small they could be on your body and you not know it. I don’t really like any type of bugs but like ants. Eww I just hate bugs. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I don’t like the feeling of something crawling up me. Or maybe the way they look just sends chills up my spine. I don’t know. But if I were you I would not buy me any type or bugs, a cornfield, barney, a robber, kidnapper, or a creepy van, OR Mr. Harvey. I think I can live without those things. I mean I’M POSITIVE! I can live without ALL of that. Thank you very much.

Six. Creepy old men. I don’t like it when I’m out in public and a creepy old man is looking at me. And when I tell my mom she will say maybe he thinks you are cute. By her saying that it just makes it even more creeper. Thanks Mom I really love that you said that and just scared me even more. Thanks. I just think that old men should just stay at home away from little children. I would really love if they did. Please old creepy men of the world just stay at home. Please. For the children. Pretty Please.

Now that I have written this blog and added these pictures. I’m scared. Thanks blog….stupid pictures.

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I express my feelings through words. Some people like to use physical fighting and verbal fighting to take out their feelings. I don’t feel it is really worth all the trouble to do that. It takes up too much energy fighting with someone. So I use poetry or random blogs about my feelings. Like if I’m feeling happy about a boy it may turn out like this:

In this world full of hurt and pain,
I need someone who would help me through the rain
To comfort me when I’m sad,
Doing everything just to make me glad

In this world I need a Brave Knight,
Who would never give up any fight
A knight who would dry away my tears,
Telling me to overcome my fears

A knight who loves me for who I am inside,
With him there’s nothing more I need to hide
A person who will still be standing strong,
Even though everything has gone wrong

I need someone who is willing to give me more,
Someone I can call my Knight in Shining Armor

There’s this boy and he’s more then I’ve ever imagined
There’s this boy and I’m kind of attracted to him
There’s this boy and he’s my knight in shining armor.
I will love him forever and always
My knight in shining armor

If I was upset about  a boy it would be something like this

I haven’t cried but
I haven’t smiled
I haven’t died but
I’m not alive
I’m a dreamer whose
Lost her dream
I’m a lover
Not a fighter
I’m inspired but
I’m not looking for inspiration
I’ve lost all my strength
I’ve not gained an ounce of it back
I’ve lost the one I love
And I’ve not found him

I’m not dying
I’m just heart broken

Those who are not writers can’t really express it that way so they take it out on others. I think writers are blessed in many ways. Writers, I think, are either very calm and aren’t into the fighting type thing. And other writers are more into writing because they hurt in some way and need a way to let it out. There are many different types of writers; they are either, obsessed lovers, abused and lonely, happy go lucky, sad and depressed,  and more. And some people just don’t show any interest in poetry or blogging. They are more into sports and other things. Poetry is just amazing. How your feelings can be transformed into words touching others in a way you never thought possible. I didn’t really get into poetry until I was a little older but now that I have I am happy that I did. 😀

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Too time has passed.

What happened to the time where we didn’t have girlfriends and boyfriends and we were too young to have cell phones. The time where we could actually go on vacation and enjoy ourselves and laugh and have a good time with your family.

As we grow older some of us believe our family is not cool enough for us. Some people believe that you must have a boyfriend or girlfriend to feel alright. Vacations aren’t fun because we don’t know how to have fun with our families. I’m sick and tired of people who think they can shut out their family and just life itself for a unhealthy relationship.

I’m fine by myself; but i’m not really alone. I have tons of friends and family and a church family; my life is fine. I don’t need some guy to make me feel alright. God is the only one who can complete me. If you believe a guy or a girl can “complete” you then you should think again. It’s not healthy.

Time has passed too much. I remember when you could go to school and just have fun not caring what you look like or if people like you. When you are younger you don’t have a care in the world but now that we are older it’s like you have to look perfect or you get made fun of. I don’t care if I look perfect. Yeah I want to look nice but I don’t care if somebody doesn’t like what I am wearing. They can deal with it. If I like it that is all that matters.

Other people if somebody doesn’t like them it is like the world has ended. That’s not me. I’m not the type that likes to start drama. I just hear about it and I laugh because the ones who start is complain about it but what they really don’t see is that they started it and their lives would be so much better without it.

I guess in all of this I wanted to point out that people need to just grow up. Stop causing drama. Be yourself. Don’t listen to bad things that people have to say about you. Laugh more. Just live life to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your family and friends without it being all about your phone or your girlfriend or boyfriend. Take some time for a breather away from the ones who you think love you the most but really nobody loves you more then the Lord and your family. 😀

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Dear Love

Dear Love,
I love you, I always have.  You make me feel happy on the days where I feel like I’m about to crash. And with out you here I am lost.  I miss you, I always will no matter if you’re here or there. You are not who you used to be; that girl changed you and you don’t even know it.  She makes you treat me like I am nobody and it’s like you are blind to other peoples feelings when you are around her. Your blind of everybody around you but her.  I don’t know how you treat other people but I hope its not the way you treated me because that was awful and I hope it never happens promises on the never. You and her don’t belong not to sound rude but you two just don’t mix.  It’s because you are treating people like dirt and it’s her fault because without her you were a nice, gentlemen sweet caring guy; you were just so amazing.  But that’s what some girls do they changes guys sometimes its good but you know what this time isn’t so good and I hope you started to realize that and all that you have done.  Now your being a jerk and like her little robot who does everything she says.  For now we will just be friends like your little girlfriend wants.  And for now I will stick to guys who are my friends no matter what and the ones who love me for who I am and nothing else.  So I will wait for Mr. Right because obviously he’s not here at the moment.

Yours Truly….

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Loves of my life.

So I really don’t know who to like at the moment. I still have a sort of crush on “HIM” but I don’t.  See it’s like in between. He has a girlfriend. Yes. But he messes with me and my heart. Like he will flirt and my mom even sees it but yet he has a girlfriend and sometimes he acts like he hates me so I don’t understand it. He pulls my heart thinking about whether or not to completely rip it. I think it’s because he thinks that he has me wrapped around his finger to do anything with me. Just because I liked him the more he does that the more I will despise him.  Other days he and I are talking up a storm together and our conversation never hits a dead spot and other days it is always hitting a dead spot or never has left the ground from the dead spot. He and his girlfriend are driving me crazy just about how he always talks about her. And sometimes I wish that he and I were the best of friends because it seems like that is all I am going to get from him. But he is a nice, concerned, Christian friend and I would be stupid to give him up as a friend and I don’t think he knows that but I can’t tell him that because I just can’t.  urg why does he do this to me???

p.s. this was written on Jan. 1, 2010 so my feelings have prob. changed by now but i thought i would put it on here anyway. hope you like it.

The Loves of my life,The guys behind all the crushes, first loves, and unsure loves.
These are my feelings about the guys on my mind. They will never be erased from my mind or my heart, even if another boy comes along and scraps his name and feelings into my heart. Their names will forever and always be stuck with me. All I ever do is draw hearts in my notebook. Writing his name, then his name, then his name. Scratching out one name then the next until the last name feels right. I do that over and over all day until I’m fine with the name left. But somehow all the names end up being not scratched out. Maybe it’s because I do care and have huge feelings for them all and each and everyone makes me a little more happier then the other. Some call it love well I do too but this kind of love is stretching a little more each day between three guys. I do love them but one does something that makes me so happy then makes me so mad with the next thing. So it’s kind of a love-hate relationship but in the end we both care deeply about each other. I was invisible to the sight of love before I met him. The second is mysterious beautiful guy who walked into my life accidentally not knowing if either one of us would fall. But we were deeply crushing close to falling but had no faith to fall. And the third I was not sure about, he had all the girls drooling over him but yet he fell for none of them. But then I started to realize the greater side of him became to secretly crush on him and I still have a growing heart about him and I don’t know if we will ever be but I can still dream and care about him and the same about the others.Maybe I will never be with one of them but I know I will find the right one for me even if it takes me a while I know he will fine me and if it is one of them then I will have had history with them and we will have a great story to tell over and over again. But for now I will remember that my prince charming will come even if It takes him awhile to jump on his horse and find me. But I know that one day he will even if all my hope fails in love he will come sweeping me off my feet with love. And we will start a never ending-ever lasting love like none other.First love will forever and always be with you and I have to thank one very special guy for walking into my life and opening my eyes to love. Without him I would have never believed in love..Thank you This is my heart it’s not a toy, so don’t break it Thanks

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Music is my life

Music has always been a big part of my life. Since I could talk I would sing and at a young age I would just bang on anything I could get my hands on. Like when I was a toddler I got out my moms plastic pots and pans and I would sit on them and bang on them in my undies.  Music became a bigger part of my life when I started writing. I’d always love to write short little stories or cute little poems (which now that I look back on they made no sense) but the poems I never really took as pride or joy to want to write until 6th grade. This amazing guy came into my life and I was head over heels for him. (like any other girl my age) He just inspired me to write and from that day on I have been writing and writing. Inspiration just flows my way when I’m crushing on a boy or something happens in my life. I just seem to get something out of those things like nothing. My first poem I wrote in my English class. I was bored. Passing notes to Delaney (who was all the way on the other side of the room) I just started getting words in my head as if a song was stuck in my head but yet this poem was not a song. The words were given to me to write down and I took that advantage. If I think of something or somebody words will come to my head. If I’m not thinking about anybody words will just randomly pop in my head and I think that I am blessed to have that kind of talent.

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