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Promise Ring.

So yesterday, after a long time of praying about getting a promise ring the word came up in a conversation. My friend has been wanting one but was afraid to ask her mom so she brought the conversation about promise rings to my mom. I was like yes this should be a perfect time to see if my mom would let me get one. I have wanted one for the past couple of most to signify that I was pure and I wasn’t planning on changing that until marriage.

So I am proud to say that on Thursday June 29 2010 I got a promise ring. (:

My friend, Kendra and I were talking about going to the Christian store in Jonesville together just to look at them. And around four we went with her grandma to Heavenly Treasures and they had them. They only had one kind of ring but I was fine with the way it was. It wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too little it was just right. I really like what the ring says on it. It kind of explains what it is so I don’t have to come up with words to tell other people.

The ring says.

Today, I promise I will wait agreeing to stay pure.

Because I know that God loves me and his blessing is in store.

The ring is round and kind of curved in a way it looks bent but its meant to be like that. The ring also came with a book mark that has a pledge type thing that says the same thing as the ring, and you sign it and put the date on the back and on the front it reads:

Because I know

There are some things

That happen only once

And value my own purity;

I’m choosing abstinence.

My body is God’s

Temple and I want

To keep it pure.

A precious gift I’m giving to

The one I’m waiting for.

So I will be reminded

Every time I wear

This token.

A three-strand chord

Entwined in love

Is never quickly broken

Because I trust

That Jesus has

A special love for me.

I’m choose to love

And honor him

By waiting patiently.

I think that really represents the ring very well. And I don’t care what other people think about the ring I’m proud to wear it no matter what.

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Boys. This word passes through my mind many times in one day. Throwing names around with images attached. Some say “I’m cute but I’m a jerk.” and “I may be a jock but I’m actually a gentlemen” or “Yeah I’m a jock and yeah I may be a jerk like 99% of the time but so what I’m hot.”  And on a rare time you find names with pictures attached saying “I’m a gentlemen and yeah I have times where I bring out the worst in me but that’s not all the time. I’m a Christian and I love God.” I know for sure that, that kind of guy is the right one for me. A gentlemen, a guy who is not cocky saying he’s the “hot stuff”, and is willing to include that he is a Christian and that he loves God when you first meet. I want a guy who is not afraid to love the Lord. I know that the one thing I want people to know about me is that I, Erin Leigh Fritz, loves the Lord with all her heart. And the rest should just come to them. I don’t care what else they think of me I just want them to know that I love the Lord and the rest shouldn’t matter. Not all Christians act like they should. Some go around through words out like “I love the Lord” and “I’m a Christian” but what they do and say is not how God would want them to be like. Yes, God does still love you no matter what but that is not how He wants it to be like. I’m ashamed by some of the people in my grade; the ones I grew up with in school. Some girls AND guys think that they must be with someone to make them happy, popular, the man, complete. To them I just want to say you’re wrong; God is the only one who can complete you, popularity doesn’t matter in heaven, there is other things in life that can make you happy when you are young beside men/women, and to you guys how dare you get a certain girl who is the “hottie” and treat her like you care when all you want with her is to be popular and try to “get some.” And at our age you shouldn’t be thinking that kind of stuff. I know what some of you guys think and it’s disgusting. If you tell me I don’t know what I am talking about then you better talk to some of your “boys” because they talk a little too loud in a classroom. I know for a fact that there will be another “hottie” in about a month; that is how it works. At least in the middle school the new “hottie” flies around like all the math assignment’s Mrs. Lowe gives you guys. I really think if half of your parents knew what the guys are thinking about they’re daughters they would be dead. And the guys parents would be ashamed; especially ones I know very well. See I’ve known this boy since we were young and I am disappointed in the way he grew up.  Now, he may not care what I have to say but he used to be a gentlemen until it became uncool to be nice to girls unless they weren’t around their gang”. I just don’t get it. Even this boys voice changes when he’s not around them. I feel bad for him; he tries to look tough around his “gang” when really all he is doing is trying to protect his “image” when all he really is doing is wreaking friendships and his true self. Some boys are not what they truly are behind the scenes. Enough said….

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