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Music. My life would be nothing without the sound of music. Without the pure voices of millions of musicians. My world would be broken without words to fill a page making my soul come alive. Music makes me feel free. When I sing I feel like nothing else in this world matters. When my voice hits the last note in a song my fears come back. Music takes me to another planet. It’s hard to believe that such a thing can make a person feel alive. Without music the world would be lonely. Our souls would be lost without the beats that carry along in a song. Music is the voice of those in pain. Those in need of a little hope. And the ones in love. Music. Lives would be torn apart without a little thing called music.


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Music is my life

Music has always been a big part of my life. Since I could talk I would sing and at a young age I would just bang on anything I could get my hands on. Like when I was a toddler I got out my moms plastic pots and pans and I would sit on them and bang on them in my undies.  Music became a bigger part of my life when I started writing. I’d always love to write short little stories or cute little poems (which now that I look back on they made no sense) but the poems I never really took as pride or joy to want to write until 6th grade. This amazing guy came into my life and I was head over heels for him. (like any other girl my age) He just inspired me to write and from that day on I have been writing and writing. Inspiration just flows my way when I’m crushing on a boy or something happens in my life. I just seem to get something out of those things like nothing. My first poem I wrote in my English class. I was bored. Passing notes to Delaney (who was all the way on the other side of the room) I just started getting words in my head as if a song was stuck in my head but yet this poem was not a song. The words were given to me to write down and I took that advantage. If I think of something or somebody words will come to my head. If I’m not thinking about anybody words will just randomly pop in my head and I think that I am blessed to have that kind of talent.

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So there are a couple inspirations in my life. Mostly my inspirations are singers.  I think that the reason most of my inspirations are singers is because I write and I sing and one day I may be a singer/songwriter but you never know.

First inspiration is Hayley Williams from Paramore.  One reason that she is my inspiration is because Paramore is my favorite band and they never give up on writing new songs for their fans. They are just amazing people. They went through a time where they were thinking of giving up on their band but they didn’t they kept strong and made new songs and learned to get along better then they were. And as a writer I look up to the people who inspire me to write something. Paramore is on the punk-ish side and some times when I let feelings out in writing I get that kind of punk-ish side and now I know where I get it from. Another reason why is because Hayley is so funky and crazy and has a great sense of style.  You never know what to expect in her style. She surprises her  fans with the craziest outfit but they fit her and they look cute on her. Though her outfits are not like Lady Gaga’s shes got her own sense of style in there. She doesn’t like to be dressed like other people when it comes to award ceremonies. But when it comes to concerts she will wear something like a funky graphic tee, a funky color of skinny tees, and converse. One week her hair will be red, another week it will be blond and some other time it will be red again but a different style. And thats what I like about her.

My second inspiration is Christofer Drew Ingle.  He may not be like anybody else. And he may have a challenging like but he is an amazing writer, he speaks the truth in his songs and that is what inspires me about him.  Even though his parents slip when he was younger and he didn’t have enough support to the point where the pressure to be good took over him which started his smoking addiction at 14. That is not something that inspires me. He may not be the perfect kid but I don’t judge him. He dropped out of school before he graduated to pursue his music career and his own recorded company. He still inspires me not to make those same mistakes. He regrets all that he has done in his life and feels it could have been different. But the words that he writes are unforgettable. Even though his life has been troubled doesn’t mean he isn’t a bad kid. And all the words that he sings are amazing his voice is unforgettable and just beautiful and pure.

My third inspiration I must say is usually somebody in my life, like a crush, a friend, somebody who has changed my life in anyway.  I don’t know why but they just are; there may be something in them that keeps me writing. About my crush (at that moment) just inspires me to write it may be their beauty, a talent they have, their kindness, or just my heart taking over. By my heart taking over I mean usually when I write a poem I am not myself; my heart takes over every word I say, which means that what I write is completely true. Just sometimes that happens. When I have no inspiration it usually takes me forever to write something. Something that really helps me is listening to my favorite songs or talking to my best friends. That really helps.

My fourth inspiration is Taylor Swift. I think Taylor is so sweet and her songs come from the heart and they are really easy to relate to if you been through something like that.  She makes her songs different from others and I really like that. She is so pretty and she just seems like a really sweet girl. I don’t like all country people but for some reason I like her. It is mostly because she is not too country and she doesn’t sing about her tractors or living on the farm or redneck city like the other country singers do and I really like that.  I can’t stand too country singers, they annoy me. Her style is so cute and I wish I had her clothes haha. Her hair is so amazing. I wish I had curly hair like her. I really haven’t seen any other curly haired girl have such silky beautiful curls like Taylor. And she just inspires me by all the words she writes and not giving up when something happens in her life like a breakup, a bad review, or a embarrassing moment on television  (stupid Kanye West). She is always up lifting when something like that happens. To get her feelings out she writes it in a song and we all know it will be the truth.

My fifth inspiration is Nick Jonas. Man has Nick been through a lot in his life. But somehow he seems to stick it out and write inspiring songs that inspire so many people out there.  He has many people who look up to him out there. Nick was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at the age of 13. This changed his life. But he still does concerts and still is doing all that is possible for his fans. He never lets them down. He wrote the song “A little bit longer” about being in the hospital and about his diabetes. A lot of people who have diabetes really look up to him because he knows what they are going through. Nick he has developed the Change for the Children Foundation. Partnering with five different charities, their goal is to raise money and money and awareness for diabetes.

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All About ME! :D

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Hey the name is Erin.
I’m a sucker for guitar playing cuties.
I am currently single and loving life.
I was born on April 19, 1997
So I’m 13.
When I get older I wanted to study
Creative Writing or Music. 😀
I want to be a writer or an acoustic artist
I am a small town girl with big city dreams.
I have goals and I attend on reaching them.
My passion is music.
Which most of my friends should know.
Another passion of mine is writing.
I write anything from blogs, stories, to poems and songs.
I am who I am.
Nobody can change me for being me.
If you don’t like me for me I could care less
Because I’m not going to change.
I’m no ordinary girl.
That’s for sure.
I love to travel. Long car rides do not bother me. I think they are relaxing.
I’m a daddy’s girl! ♥
Since I write i’m also a big book reader
Favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Alice Sebold, Lois Lowry, Wilson Rawls and more.
I love to sing.
See I didn’t chose singing.
Singing chose me. 😀
At the moment I am being home schooled.
Due to medical issues.
I have Osgood Schlatter Disease
And Neurally Mediated Hypotension.
I’m in the 7th grade.
I love Jesus Christ.
I believe in love at first site.
I hate/scared of spiders, robbers, kidnappers, vans like the robbers van in home alone, cornfields and Barney.
Best friends are Delaney, Kendra, Emily And my newest bestest buddy Bekah
I have many other friends but they don’t fit for the role of best friends like these girls do 😀
All of these girls are amazing and I love them.
I am a faithful best friend.
If they cry. I’ll cry too. I’ll do anything to make them feel better. I give advice good but when it comes to my problems i’m clueless. But thanks to family and friends I make it through pretty good.
God really blessed me with the great people in my life.
I have an older brother named Daniel.
If you asked about him I would say he was a dork.
But I have to say that because I’m his little sister. 😛
Can you tell that I’m a writer??? haha.
Want to know more about me. Message me. 😀

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