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Don’t even get me started.

Don’t even get me started on the whole Miley Cyrus stuff. I mean she is not my favorite person in the whole world. And I’m not a fan of the Hannah Montana stuff but I do think she has a really good talent for acting. In the Last Song she did an amazing job but nobody will give her the time of day because of her past. They just can’t look passed her history which really makes me mad. I know I said that the Last Song would not be a classic because Miley was going to be in it. But as I started watching trailers and reading the book I really got into it. When I saw the movie I had very low expectations but after I saw it I really liked it. She did an amazing job. People don’t believe she had it in her but boy did she. People need to step away from her Hannah Montana acting and see the Last Song because it is worth it. You may think she is a so-called “Slut” but at least I’m giving her a chance even though I don’t like her that much. People better get used to seeing her face and her acting skills in movies because when the last season of Hannah Montana ends in the summer she is going to put her music on hold and work on her acting and get rolls in movies.  It just ticks me off to see people say crap about her when she isn’t that bad. Yeah she did have those times where she messed up and made mistakes but who hasn’t? We are all sinners in our own ways but that doesn’t mean that we have another side to us or can change. I just think if you give somebody a chance they can really impress you and Miley Cyrus is one of those people. We all have our own opinions but in this case you have to see the movie to believe it. It can’t hurt to see it. You may hate her but the movie really shows another side of her.



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What I am scared of.

One. Barney. Just the whole idea of a talking purple dinosaur creeps me out. Is Barney a boy? or a girl? It’s just creepy to watch a purple talking dinosaur play with kids and sing songs. Wouldn’t that scare them? I think so. Even though purple is one of my favorite colors the friggin talking dinosaur is creepy!  No need to go on it’s just weird…

Two. Cornfields. Ever since I read and saw The Lovely Bones I hate to be around cornfields. It doesn’t matter if they are grown out or cut down; they are just plain creepy. Every time I am around them now it just gives me chills. Don’t get me wrong the book and the movie are both great but just the whole story in my mind creeps me out when I’m around cornfields. Just the whole image of Mr. Harvey and the underground “clubhouse” is just disturbing.

Three. Robbers or Kidnappers. I don’t know who isn’t afraid of robbers or kidnappers. I just get freaked out even if I hear something about somebody being kidnapped or robbed; even in movies. I guess I am weird like that. But once I hear something like that I am not fine until day light.  But when I freak out about robbers I remind myself one; I live in a small town with not a lot of crime and two; they don’t rob a place that somebody is in. With thinking about kidnappers I think about it this way. They won’t take you when you are with people and usually not in day time.

Four. Van’s like the ones from Home Alone. Every time I see those van’s I freak out because I think there is robbers in there. It’s just a childhood fear. Even though now I still hate them it is from watching those movies all the time when I was younger. The ones with writing on them don’t bother me but if they are just plain colors I hate it.

Five. spiders. I do not like spiders. Just the whole feeling of something crawling up my leg or any part of my body creeps me out. I don’t like the way spiders look. I don’t like how big they get. I don’t like that if they are small they could be on your body and you not know it. I don’t really like any type of bugs but like ants. Eww I just hate bugs. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I don’t like the feeling of something crawling up me. Or maybe the way they look just sends chills up my spine. I don’t know. But if I were you I would not buy me any type or bugs, a cornfield, barney, a robber, kidnapper, or a creepy van, OR Mr. Harvey. I think I can live without those things. I mean I’M POSITIVE! I can live without ALL of that. Thank you very much.

Six. Creepy old men. I don’t like it when I’m out in public and a creepy old man is looking at me. And when I tell my mom she will say maybe he thinks you are cute. By her saying that it just makes it even more creeper. Thanks Mom I really love that you said that and just scared me even more. Thanks. I just think that old men should just stay at home away from little children. I would really love if they did. Please old creepy men of the world just stay at home. Please. For the children. Pretty Please.

Now that I have written this blog and added these pictures. I’m scared. Thanks blog….stupid pictures.

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