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I’m a Christian.

I try speaking the word of the Lord to every non-Christian I know…or to those questioning their religion. Non-Christian’s just amaze me..I don’t see how a person can go a day without declaring that he is Our Lord God Almighty. I just couldn’t do it. I would be in so much pain. Not being able to have all my burdens lifted off of me..It’s just crazy how a person could do that every day of their lives. It’s just all apart of how you grew up. What your parents told you and what¬†environment you lived in growing up..everybody’s way of life is a little different then others.¬†Tonights mood has put me up to writing this. I know it’s short but it’s something to think on. Like why people are this way? How they could stand to be that way? I am very blessed in the household I grew up in. I hope I can be the same when I grow older and raise kids. I want them to be all for the Lord. I’m very spiritual..if you haven’t noticed. and I’m just glad that i have been raised the way I have been. Growing up in the word of’s done me well. I’ve been brought up in this world to spread the message of God and bring those who a do not know Him draw close to him…and I’m proud to be the way I am. I’m a Christian because He is all that I live for. He’s all that I could ever ask for. He’s all I ever needed…and no he’s not some little boy that would break my heart…Jesus is my heart…and that’s all I ever could have asked for in life.

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