I’m a Christian.

June 24, 2010 erinthepoet9

I try speaking the word of the Lord to every non-Christian I know…or to those questioning their religion. Non-Christian’s just amaze me..I don’t see how a person can go a day without declaring that he is Our Lord God Almighty. I just couldn’t do it. I would be in so much pain. Not being able to have all my burdens lifted off of me..It’s just crazy how a person could do that every day of their lives. It’s just all apart of how you grew up. What your parents told you and what environment you lived in growing up..everybody’s way of life is a little different then others. Tonights mood has put me up to writing this. I know it’s short but it’s something to think on. Like why people are this way? How they could stand to be that way? I am very blessed in the household I grew up in. I hope I can be the same when I grow older and raise kids. I want them to be all for the Lord. I’m very spiritual..if you haven’t noticed. and I’m just glad that i have been raised the way I have been. Growing up in the word of God..it’s done me well. I’ve been brought up in this world to spread the message of God and bring those who a do not know Him draw close to him…and I’m proud to be the way I am. I’m a Christian because He is all that I live for. He’s all that I could ever ask for. He’s all I ever needed…and no he’s not some little boy that would break my heart…Jesus is my heart…and that’s all I ever could have asked for in life.


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